TAP Pummel Ball, 8-Pound

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No bounce or rebound
Extremely durable

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The TAP Extreme Duty Pummel Ball is a one of a kind medicine ball designed to withstand heavy impact exercises. This sand filled ball offers athletes the opportunity to perform a wide range of ballistic core exercises. The sand allows the ball to absorb the energy of the throw without a bounce. Unlike other non-rebound balls, the Pummel Ball, was specifically designed to prevent failure at traditional weak points, such as the filler plug and seams, for lasting durability. The Pummel Ball is 9 inches in diameter and has a soft shell that allows a firm grip. Like a traditional medicine ball, the Pummel Ball can be utilized to improve core strength, explosive power, stability, and endurance as well as enhance range of motion, coordination, and flexibility. The Pummel Ball should not be exposed to sharp edges, points, or extreme weather conditions; neglect, such as being left outside in the sun and rain, can seriously shorten its lifespan. Instructions for use are not included.

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
No bounce or rebound
Extremely durable
Strengthen the core
Improve core flexibility and coordination
Improve core explosiveness


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